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The Forge is for young adults, age 18-30, and meets every Sunday Night at 6:00pm in the Remnant Room.

It is exciting times at "The Forge" young adults ministry. This is not just another small group, bible study, Or something to be kept in the four walls of the church for "good church goers". This is a group of young adults FORGED together and ready to take action in our community to spread the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ!!

There will be community outreaches to be involved with, fellowship and discipleship taking place in The Forges meetings.

So come join us Sunday nights and fellowship starting at 6:30 These meetings are Holy Spirit driven and powerful. We study God's word and engage in great discussion which encourages, strengthens, and sharpens!! Please come join us and get equipped to get off of the church pew's and into the game, because Christianity is a full contact sport!

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