About US

We are an interdenominational church that is strategically aligned with the Assemblies of God Fellowship for accountability, evangelism, and world missions. Canvas is also a member of the Willow Creek Association of Churches, which exists to maximize the life-transformation effectiveness of local churches. Our desire is to be a church that is open to everyone in our community regardless of church background, race or social status. This is a place for your life to become God's Canvas.


Canvas Community Church is single-minded about our purpose:
We are here to see your life become God's canvas.


Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction of what should be. That means there is a MUST that has to happen in order for us to really be successful in the kingdom. Our MUST at Canvas is to create a church where un-churched people can come to know Christ and become devoted, passionate followers of Jesus, while existing Christ followers can grow in their faith and become leaders in their world of influence. It is a vision to be a non-traditional, biblically driven, Spirit-filled church using creativity, humor, the arts, multimedia and examples from everyday life to make the message of Jesus plain and simple.